Canoe Carving

TAP_logo_ProjectsPedro O Zepeda is a traditional Seminole artist from Naples, Florida, and one of the very few Seminole/Miccousukee canoe carvers left in the state of Florida. In order to preserve the almost-lost art of canoe carving, Pedro is carving a dugout canoe from a 14 foot cypress log, inside the Upper Room Art Gallery in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Located in Riverfront along the banks of the New River, the canoe is being carved in the very area where his ancestors paddled up from the Everglades to barter goods with the Stranahan Trading Post.  The knowledge of canoe carving is being passed down through this project, as well as interactions with the public from all cultures.  Craftsmanship is important to every generation and all people.

Working with our hands is therapeutic and healing.  Water Connects us All.