Robin Haines Merrill

My paintings are evocative of vibrations and spiritual realities.
Because I am also a fine art photographer, my feeling is
“if I can photograph it, I don’t want to paint it".  I left realism to pursue painting that which cannot be seen, but is nevertheless real, such as spiritual dimensions and the life forces around us.

I see that Creation is mirrored in micro and macro forms.
Waves, when seen close up, can be indistinguishable from clouds, as well as the veins in an exposed rock formation.
This is what I paint.

A close up on skin patterns can be interchanged with the caverns in the Grand Canyon,
when seen from a cropped viewpoint.
God has replicated all of creation with a pattern, purpose, and reflection of the Divine. This is what I paint.

The “Language” series of paintings has to do with my idea that
God transmits ideas and concepts to us not in language form such as words, but in multidimensional space, color, movement, and possibly forms such as those seen in DNA molecules or random marks reminiscent of computer data.
This series is an exploration of how the Creator of the Universe transmits ideas to the human brain.
The “Offering” series has to do with the historical way in which people of various times and cultures have tried to communicate with God, through sacrifices, worship and offerings, usually lifted up to a Being thought of as removed and above.
The “Underwater” paintings are views from the top of the water,
looking over the side of a boat, to see how light reflects off
the various layers of water down to the colorful coral formations on the bottom.
These layers of reflection are synonymous with
the layers of reality in human existence.