Mark C. Merrill

"I paint flowers because they are good models.  As I paint from life, orchids hold their pose and last for weeks.  I do paint other subjects using the same drawing pattern, such as landscapes, but it is more of a challenge to find these relationships as the elements (water) move and change so rapidly.  Nature has these divine properties in it.  Like Cezanne and Van Gogh, I look for this order in flowers in relationship to their environment because they have a dynamic design.  My work has been described as conceptionally simple; my hope is that the work is perceived as strong on craft, color and composition utilzing the pattern with its inherent relationships that point to an Intelligent Designer.  I think of this drafting like a pianist playing scales before performing or like an athlete doing movement/warm-ups before a competition.  This foundation gives me a girding to which I can "let go" as I look; a formula for freedom.  From this, I can get into that "zone" in which a piece of art blossoms."